Virtual Daycamp Winter 2020

Are you looking for a great virtual daycamp this winter? A way you can continue to work from home and keep the kids occupied?

V-Fit PRO and Guided Fitness bring you an incredible experience for your kids this winter break. A virtual daycamp focused on Karate and Self Defense.

Our camp is open to all. Meaning, you don’t need any martial arts experience to join us. Children will be engaged in a large variety of activities all related to Karate and Martial Arts. Children will be encouraged to participate in games and discussions around a central theme, finding a great balance between screen time and movement.

Each day is divided by morning and afternoon.

Mornings at our Virtual Daycamp

Mornings will be devoted to learning Shorinjiryu Kentokukan Karatedo, running through basics and progressing through movements, working on terminology, respect and discipline. There will be games and drills sprinkled throughout the morning. This allows students to not only learn karate but to come away from the experience with some life skills.

Afternoons at our Virtual Daycamp

Afternoons focus on the practical application of martial arts, self defense. Campers will be empowered while learning a variety of techniques through games, activities and drills. Children will learn about safety, safe adults, situational awareness, and how to use their wits in a variety of situations.

Signing up

Parents can sign their children up for the “full day” (karate and self defense) or half days (karate or self-defense).


  • Full day:
    • 100$ for V-Fit P.R.O. members
    • 150$ for non members
  • Half day (morning or afternoon):
    • 75$ for V-Fit P.R.O. members
    • 100$ for non members

Upon registration and receipt of payment, parents will receive an information packet including material for the activities and the games we will be playing throughout the camp. (via email PDF) Prices reflect the full camp.

For More Information:

You can email or call (438) 398-9208

Visit the Shop to purchase online

To Register: